About Us

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Shea and Maria met at a pop-up event in Fort Worth in 2019 where they were both sold their goods as vendors (Maria is an artist and jewelry maker, and Shea grows houseplants!).

Wandering Roots Markets was established at the end of year 2020. As the whole world reeled from a global pandemic, we observed our local creators, crafters and small businesses suffering not only the economic impact of not being able to sell their work, but also the mental aspects of not being able to share their creative work with others.

Being familiar with the pop-up market atmosphere from being vendors themselves, and with strict protocols and precautions in place – Shea and Maria decided to organize pop-up markets at small businesses around Fort Worth from October through December, “just for the holidays”. But, those few markets lead to fast friendships, bonds with venues, and a fast growing community of vendors. We absorbed the love and we felt the need to continue providing this outlet into 2021.

Did we mention this is hella fun?! We absolutely love what we do, the creatives and small businesses we do it for, and the city we do it in!